Breath Work

Jack Stewart, Breath Coach - After 35 years in the field of Respiratory Therapy, Jack Stewart, as a Breath Coach, instructs people in breathing techniques that have the potential to significantly improve their health, especially as related to asthma, high blood pressure, sleep disorders, stress and anxiety. Jack also integrates Breath Coaching with inter-personal skills training to help business managers and their staff reduce stress and sustain optimal performance. Jack believes in broadening and building on existing strengths and preferences, collaboration and engaging people with spirit, energy, fun and enthusiasm.

Many people frequently feel stress or anxiety or have a health condition such as asthma or high blood pressure. Still others find it difficult to be at their best when it really matters most. What Jack does is help such people discover how changing their way of breathing can reduce or eliminate such problems and instruct them how to breathe well at all times to reduce stress, improve health and enhance performance. This is Breath Coaching: simple, fast, effective and based on well-accepted human physiology and solid scientific research.

For more information about Breath Work and whether it might be applicable to your situation, please contact Jack at the Barnet Tradepost.