Kinesiology and Touch for Health

Applied Kinesiology was first put forth in the early 1960's by an American chiropractor, Dr George Goodheart. Dr Goodheart observed postural imbalances in connection to specific physical/mental disorders, and correlated relationships between acupuncture meridians, skeletal muscles, internal organs and several associated points on the body. The practice of Applied Kinesiology was broadened to include a number of functional assessment measures along with standard diagnostic procedures to create a unified approach to the evaluation and treatment of dis-ease.

Energy Kinesiology is a natural healing method that uses the practice of muscle-strength testing as a biofeedback technique to identify imbalances in the body and mind. A "straight arm" test in conjunction with "circuit locating" is an effective and efficient method of evaluation when used by a trained practitioner.

Touch for Health is a system of Kinesiology developed in the 1970's by another chiropractor, Dr John Thie, who studied under Dr Goodheart and decided to take the work of Dr Goodheart to the masses. In his writings, Dr Thie attempted to explain and simplify the practice of both Applied and Energy Kinesiology so that these natural wellness techniques could be available to the lay public.

Lj Stewart has been a certified Touch for Health Instructor since 1983. She has been practicing full time as a Touch for Health Kinesiologist nearly 30 years. For more information about Touch for Health Kinesiology and how it might work for you, please contact Lj at the Barnet Tradepost.