Kendo (Swordplay)

Kenjitsu, meaning "The Art of the Sword", is the term for traditional Japanese sword arts. Kendo, meaning "The Way of the Sword", describes the modern Japanese martial art of sword fighting based on the traditional art of Kenjitsu.

In our class "Basic Introduction to Swordplay", the purpose is to introduce students to the basic principles and techniques of Swordplay. Unlike team sports, Swordplay is an individual activity through which each participant may develop his or her own character.

At first glance, the use of a sword makes this practice appear to be violent and, undoubtedly, the new student will use more energy than is needed. Swordplay teaches us to be alert and, simultaneously, relaxed. Swordplay promotes grace, skill and patience, while it also enhances posture, mental and physical balance and increases physical agility. We neither encourage nor allow the use of brute force. The measure of good Swordplay is good manners and good sportsmanship.

As a student's practice of Swordplay continues, the hope is to introduce more advanced techniques and equipment, including (but not limited) bamboo swords called "Shinei" and "Budogu", traditional Japanese fencing armor.

For more information about Swordplay, please contact Jack Stewart at the Barnet Tradepost.

Swordplay at the Barnet Tradepost Annex

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