Bakku Huasu acommodations at Barnet Tradepost Wellness Center, Barnet, VT


A near-perfect fitness routine, yoga provides the means for people of any age to get and stay in great shape, as well as to develop balance, coordination and a sense of centeredness. Unlike conventional forms of exercise, such as weight training, walking, biking or hiking, yoga stresses quality of movement over quantity. A consistent yoga practice can quiet the mind and refresh the body, bringing health, relaxation and happiness.

Some of the specific benefits of yoga include:

  • promotes suppleness of the spine and joints
  • strengthens, tones and builds muscles
  • stimulates glands of the endocrine system
  • improves digestion and elimination
  • increases circulation
  • relaxes the nervous system
  • boosts immune response
  • refreshes the body by relieving muscle strain
  • increases stamina
  • decreases cholesterol and blood sugar levels
  • invites balance and grace
  • increases body awareness
  • encourages weight loss
  • quiets the mind
  • centers attention
  • sharpens concentration
  • frees the spirit

Evening yoga classes are offered at the Barnet Tradepost Wellness Center Annex. For more information about the class schedule and selection of instructors, please visit our activities page.