Hand Chiseled Hardwoods by Jack A Stewart

Here is Jack describing his sculpture: "In sculpting, I attempt to bring out the wood's natural beauty and the designs of the wood itself. If I don't have a preconceived idea of what I wish to create, I ask the wood to direct me. I encourage onlookers to touch my pieces, for my sculptures are as much a tactile expression as a visual one. It is in the creation of my work that I feel the fulfillment of my art; once a piece is complete, it is no longer for me, but for others.

Much of my work is not consciously recognizable, and people may ask what a particular piece is. My answer is usually "...wood...". Though some of my sculptures have their basis in a known image, not every viewer will see the same thing. The Cathedral with its rose window was thought to be two loving giraffes intertwined by one heart!"

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